Golf equipment ‘New vs. Used’

When it comes to investing in good quality golf equipment, a lot of factors go into the mix. All said and done, this equipment is not cheap. For some it is a lifetime investment. In such a case, it is very important to understand what kind of equipment will suit your cause. If you think used equipment is almost always not up to the standard in terms of quality, then you are being presumptuous. It is not so.

Used golf equipment can be as good as new as far as functionality is concerned. What matters is what you use the equipment for. Here let us run a small comparison to understand whether or not you should buy new golf equipment.

End goal of learning the sport

If you are playing golf for purely recreational purposes, there is not point spending a lot of money on new equipment. Only professional level players can afford to do so, because their end goal is to ace the game.

Time spent on a golf course

If you are the kind to spend a day or two on course over a period of long time, it is not advisable to spend a lot of money on buying expensive equipment. On the other hand, if you are someone who will spend a considerable amount of time during the week playing the game, it makes sense to make that investment.

Equipment like balls get lost in the golf course so, if you are a first time player, keep your expenses low by not buying new balls.

The bottom line is; spend on golf equipment based on your role as a player. Used equipment can serve all those purposes that new equipment would; it is just a question of how much and how often.


Online Casino Bonuses: Making The Most Out Of Them

Online Casino Bonuses are what many players look for to give their ambitions much needed boost. Online casinos have made their presence felt in people’s lives today and there are many who have taken to them with gusto. And there’s nothing wrong with that of course because they are offered an opportunity to indulge in their passion and also make quick money on the side. And of course they can do that without having to step out of their homes, which is an added advantage for many.

You might have wanted to partake in casino activities after being enchanted by what you see on TV or movies for that matter. But the problem is that these big name casinos are not accessible to all and that can be a dampener on your spirits. However there’s a way to display your passion for these games and turn your skills into a money-making proposition as well. That’s what these online casino games are all about and you can look at them closely. The good news is that you can also find bonuses at different steps of the way to ensure that you give your dreams the cutting edge advantage.

Online Casino Bonuses and their merits for you

You have to understand that these bonuses are offered by different casinos so that they can attract new players. And they are definitely meant for your benefit. You will be able to find no deposit bonuses that you can use to your advantage at different stages of your play. There are many who have used these bonuses when they needed a helping hand with their deposits while others make the most out of them when they want to grow their winnings. In fact options are endless when it comes to these bonuses, which you can benefit from immensely.

Online Casino Bonuses and how to find them

If that’s what you are concerned about then you will find online platforms that will help you get your hands on them. These sites will get you access to no deposit bonus codes that are updated and reviewed on a daily basis. Thus you can be rest assured that you are getting the best possible deals that are out there. Thanks to the information offered on these sites, you can also make the best decision for yourself and use these bonuses to the hilt.

Find the best Online Casino Bonuses and get optimum benefits out of them.

POKIES – a casino experience like never before


I am a big fan of virtual casino but, nothing kept me going like the POKIES app on my phone. This app which is available on the Android market brings the casino experience to life. I have played a ton of casino games online and on my mobile but, was constantly reminded of the fact that I was in the virtual world. This feeling made me miss the fun and never connect with the mood of playing casino games.

When I downloaded POKIES on my mobile I was blown away the moment I started playing games using this cool app. The graphics are so out of this world! They bring life to the games and you will feel you are sitting in a real casino minus the annoying crowd. The feel, the experience and the fun all come alive when you use POKIES. I have noticed the difference and I bet you will too.

Another cool thing about this app is that it lets you access dozens of high definition casino games for free. There are slot games, blackjack, roulette you name it and the app has it. This coupled with bonuses, jackpots and lot more. Now, that is something you cannot resist.

POKIES gives you instant access to HD casino games on the go. I like to keep my passion for these games going in my free time. For example, my commute to the office is long but, from the time I downloaded POKIES on my phone, believe it or not I look forward to these long commutes! I have great fun with the app and I am sure you will too. What’s not to like, when you have the real look and feel of playing in a busy casino! So, are you game?

Top 5 World’s Best Stadiums

Whilst there are many stadiums that can fit into this list we have chosen the best stadiums based on history(apart for 1) structure, visibility and the most important factor being atmosphere. Whilst stadiums in Turkey are amazing for atmosphere they like in other areas and therefore are not included in the list.   In no particular order, the stadiums that we have have highlighted as the world’s best are the following: 

The Allianz Arena – Bayern Munich & 1860 Munich

recently held the 2012 Champions League Final and what a stadium this is . The Architects need congratulating on every aspect of this stadium which is shared by Munich’s top 2 teams, Bayern and 1860. The colours on the outside change from red to blue and to white and is completely operated by LEDs. At night this place can be seen from miles around and inside the comfortably is just as good. With state of the art technology in the fans areas and on the screens this is definitely a place you must visit in 2013.

La Bombonera – Boca Juniors

Home of Boca Juniors, The atmosphere in this place is something else, even for relatively small league games this place is rocking. Imagine against River Plate, this would be one probably the most intense stadiums in world football. Argentina is known for football  passion and this is probably the fiercest rivalry in South American football.  Must vist 2013. The unique history and neighbourhood of La Boca all add up to make this club and stadium a special place.

Nou Camp – FC Barcelona 

Home of the mighty FC Barcelona, this fantastic stadium has a capacity of 99,354 seats.  This stadium has to be in your list for stadiums to visit in 2013 not only because of the sheer size of the place but also because of the players that you will see. Experts believe that this is the best club team in the history of modern day football and therefore you need to see them now before this changes. The stadium is one of the Meccas for footballing fans across the world and therefore included in the list.

Old Trafford – Manchester United.

The home of Manchester United is one of the best Stadiums in the world. There is no surprise that it is a complete sell out most weeks with 77,000 people packed inside. The Outside of the Stadium is just as impressive as the inside with several statues of greats around and large images of the clubs fantastic history. Whilst this stadium is not new it still makes this list due to its history and the excellent condition it remains.Manchester United tickets are normally hard to get so you may have to do with the stadium tour.  Fantastic stadium, well worth a visit.

Anfield – Liverpool FC

This makes the list just as Old Trafford does. With the history of the club and the excellent atmosphere generated on European nights this place is definitely worth visiting in 2013. The stadium only holds 44,000 but it feels like 70,000 on good nights when all the fans are in full voice. As with all other stadiums list here, Tickets for Liverpool FC are difficult to aquire unless you want to see a mid week game.  Liverpool are one of Europes big clubs having won the Premier League 18 times and the European cup (Champion’s League) 5 times. Most visitors tend to watch games in the KOP stand due to its history and tradition.

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Written by John, passionate football fan and employee of TicketVago.

Recreation Park Golf Course 9

Recreation Park Golf Course 9 is also known as ‘Little Rec’ by the locals. It is just across Seventh Street from ‘Bic Rec,’ an historic eighteen hole layout. Little Rec is a perfect little executive course on which you can hone your skills. Spend some time on the range and some on this shorter layout and you’ll be ready to take on Big right  across the street.

Course Update

This is a well-manicured course for an executive layout. Many golfers like the fact that they can get around the nine holes in 2-2.5 hours. The wide open nature of the course probably facilitates the decent pace of play. You don’t have to watch the group ahead of you banging it around in the woods or wandering around in tall grass looking for lost balls.


This course is part of a historic complex that originated as Virginia Country Club in 1917. In 1931, the nature of the facility was converted from exclusive private club to a public golf course when the City of Long Beach purchased it. To stroll the grounds provides an opportunity to step back in time and consider the nature of life in the area almost a century ago.


The holes at Recreation Park Golf Course 9 are all straight.  A couple of greens are bunkered and there is some water to contend with. For example, a small stream traverses the first hole that can grab your drive of inappropriate length. Some par threes are under 100 yards in length and one par four is 349 yards long. Some of you longer hitters will find that a couple of the par fours are drivable, so it’s wise to wait for the previous group to finish such holes before you ‘go for it.’

The fairways are generous and the trees are pretty well spread out. The mix of palms, pines, and oaks makes for an attractive setting however. The views of the rolling hills and Colorado Lagoon add to the aesthetics of the experience.

Little Rec now hosts the annual Zombie Walk Glowball Tournament each year during on the Friday evening preceding Halloween. Awards are presented for best costumes after participants finish their rounds in the dark. Channel a little of the excitement generated by those Zombie attacks in the movie ‘I Am Legend’ starring Will Smith.  Depending on how well you handle golf club-swinging zombies in the dark, Little Rec may turn you into a ‘big wreck’ for the evening!

The tournament fee also includes food and drink as well as various prizes offered hole-by-hole out on the course. The public’s increasing fascination with zombie lore should stimulate the success of this tournament for years to come.

Recreation Park Golf Course 9 includes a lighted driving range, practice green, and thoroughly stocked pro shop. A round or two here will sharpen your short game and improve your consistency with those short to mid-irons. The twilight rate is a deal if you are flexible about just how many holes you get in.

Thank for reading our course review on Recreation Park Golf Course 9. With so many choices to choose from in Long Beach, CA why not start here, or browse our other reviews.

Where to bet on football – a keen insight on the top sportsbooks

Knowing the odds of one team against another is no easy thing. There are a hundred factors at play at each given moment, right from where the ball game is happening to who has been picked up in the squad and who has been left out. To simplify the dilemma of some bettors, we have the Where to bet on football guide that lays out the basic facts clear as daylight.

After one has figured out if one is supporting the favorites or the underdogs, there is much to be gained from reading the sportsbooks. And it is not just one sportsbook that one may follow but being able to gain pointers from any number of sports books. Each sportsbook maker has his own way of marking a team and the best bet is getting to know which way works best depending on who you are cheering for. That elusive understanding is what this book offers you on a platter.

Choosing the sportsbook that will work for you is the most critical job, and you can get around to it if you have Where to bet on football to help you. This book is a compilation of the top sportsbooks in the country and how they are rated shows you who can put your money on. It is also recommended that one have accounts with the top sportsbooks and register with them before betting on the underdogs or the favorites, as the case may be.

Most bettors arrive at a style of betting over time, and this is why it is important to get a rhythm of the way the odds in a sportsbooks are computed before deciding which one will help you bet successfully. This book would help you safeguard the bonus and profit margin, because it is made by professionals who know these books like the back of their hands.